'Crackers' is live!

October 9, 2015

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December 5, 2017

You've waited for it, now it's here! FROZEN STIFF is live on all half-decent ebook retailers. Print and Audio coming soon. Grab your copy soon because it will go up to regular price by the end of the week!


Thanks for being patient with this one -- it dropped about a month late. Things have been rather hectic lately, and I'm trying my best to manage all of my upcoming projects.


So what's next? Issa book. Many books, in fact.  First up is DAUGHTER, the finale to The Family Values trilogy. It's poised to drop on December 26th -- perfect timing for everyone to fill up their new Kindles that you got for Christmas. Fair warning, it's going to be brutal, just like the previous three books in the series.


After that, Chase Adams will return in her second book, SHADOW SUSPECT. Next, Damien Drake returns in his fourth volume, SKELETON KING, where all of the... ahem... skeletons in his closet come to the fore. Both books are up on pre-order, with SHADOW SUSPECT currently dropping before SKELETON KING. Just a head's up, these dates might swap, depending on which makes sense considering the chronology of the bigger story. 


Yeah, I said it. The BIGGER story.


I'm also hoping to get BITTER END, a Dr. Becket Campbell ME novella, which will follow the ME on his not so peaceful vacation to the Virgin Gorda, and also set up his own series of Medical Thrillers.


Finally, I have two more projects I hope to have go live in early January. Both will be serial stories, and one will be co-authored with a good friend.


That's all the updates I have for now. Needless to say, I'm keeping busy keeping y'all entertained. 


Thanks for the support, the reviews, and for sticking around. 




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