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FBI Special Agent Chase Adams is drowning. 
She's drowning in guilt from something that happened decades ago. She's drowning in her addiction. She's drowning in a sea of lies and deception. But that doesn't stop her from using her unique set of skills to hunt murderers across the United States.
And it definitely doesn't stop her from catching them.
Frozen Stiff cover.jpg
Georgina's Story.jpg
Adverse Effects 002.jpg
Tainted Blood 4.jpg
grim harvest season.jpg
Shadow Suspect.jpg
Dirty Money.jpg
Ebook - Already Dead 04.jpg
deadly cargo season 2.jpg
tidal bones season.jpg
Drawing Dead.jpg
Devil's Den 002.jpg
Ebook - Direct Evidence - digitalized 7.jpg
active shooter season 2.jpg
Last supper NEW.jpg
Amber Alert cover.jpg
Painted Ladies 002.jpg
Filthy Secrets FINAL 3.jpg
frost bite season 2.jpg
Static Echo NEW.jpg
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