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My name is Cole Bannen and I'm a recovering priest. Eight years in prison will do that to you. But I’ve been out of jail for less than a day and I find myself falling back into old habits... which mostly consists of phony exorcisms.

A long time ago, I was warned about the dangers of messing around with such things. I paid no attention, because I don't even believe in possession.

Welp, I was wrong and I messed up bad -- and now, with a demon living inside my head, I've gone from being a mediocre priest to a bad priest.

I'm just hoping there's enough good in me left to help some hapless souls before I get dragged down to the pits of Hell where I belong.

*Contains foul language and mature themes. Listener discretion is advised.*

Two new episodes drop every week!


Geared toward younger audiences, Camp Fear is a Podcast that is guranteed to send shivers up your spine. New episodes are uploaded each week!

For more details, just search for Camp Fear the Podcast on your favorite podcast app. Or just head to our sister site directly:

(You can also get the books there too!)

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Short on time but still looking for a thrill?

Then look no further!

Bite-sized tales of terror delivered to your ears every single weekday!

Just search for: P.T. Logan's Five Minutes of Terror on every podcast app!

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