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Finally Done!

So I just wrapped up the final version of Skin this past weekend, and got it up just in time. Kindle basically threatened to take my first born if I didn't have the final draft up by July 22 and, well, I'm kinda partial to her--so I got it in by the skin of my teeth. Skin of my teeth; I wonder what that means. Teeth have no skin. Are people referring to gums here? Weird.

Anyways, just a quick reminder that the pre-sale price will hang around for about a week after its live, but then the price will return to normal.

The Crackers, which is a stand-alone novella that also takes place in Askergan County (like Skin), is also almost ready, so I'm thinking that as soon Skin goes live, the pre-order for The Crackers should also be up. Expect the release date sometime in early October.

Vacation writing!

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