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'Hey, you changed the cover!' and other tales

You may have noticed that I recently changed the cover to 'The Crackers' (now available for pre-order), which was met with some resistence as I had some good feedback from the lightbulb/brick wall cover. So why did I do it? One simple reason: continuity. I don't want to mislead anyone--I wanted to make it clear that 'The Crackers' is part of the 'Skin' universe. Although it is a stand-alone novella, it should be considered 'Skin 1.5'.

Speaking of 'Skin', it's now available for order on I decided to keep the promo price for both the paperback and e-book versions for another week, but after that the price will be going up.

Lastly, I have a short story up on Amazon and for the next five days it's completely free! 'System Update' is a brief Sci-Fi tale about the future of healthcare. Grab your copy here:

Have an awesome week!


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