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November 21st... Flesh hits

Fast-paced... action-filled... gore, grime, and horror.

Flesh was the most fun I have had writing a book. It came together in record time, especially the second half. Not only that, but it's definitely my best work to date.

I should warn you, however, that while Skin was more of a brooding, isolation-type horror, Flesh is more what I would consider an action-adventure horror. It's faster paced and you will spend more time out of Coggins' and the other characters' heads than inside.

Oh, and speaking of chracters? The cast from Skin is back, but now they team up with those from Crackers. A reunion of sorts--a team to fight the ancient parasite that again holds Askergan County hostage.

Check it out... I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Get your copy now, on sale for a limited time:

Is this the last book in the Insatiable Series?

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