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... and PARASITE is finally LIVE -- Book 4 in the Insatiable Series is now available on AMAZON.COM.

75k words of mayhem and horror, PARASITE brings together characters from the previous three books in an action-fueled continuation of the horrors first encountered in SKIN.

You know those ratings and warnings they have before TV shows? Last night I was thinking about how many tags I would have to use for PARASITE if these were also required for books.

This what I came up with:


V - violence: graphic violence from start to finish S - sexual content: you bet D - drug use: hell ya, multiple types and/or routes of administration

But for PARASITE, I think the FCC would require a few more...

N - neutered: no more children for one man... Sk - skinning: one or more people are skinned (but of course!) M - murder: creative, proving that the pen really is mightier... WTF: yeah, you're gonna say it at least once.

Click HERE to grab your copy on RELEASE DAY:

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