Frozen Stiff - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“There are no direct flights from JFK to Anchorage,” the sulking woman at the flight desk informed Chase, “Your connection is in Seattle, and you best be hurrying, the flight is boarding real soon.” Chase nodded and hurried to the security desk. She flashed her FBI badge, and then informed the TSA agent that she had a pistol to check. “Yeah, we’re going to have to take you and your gun to security to check it over,” the man in the uniform informed her in a slow drawl. He was going on sixty and had thin, coppery hair. Chase considered that his hair might have been dyed to match his nicotine stained mustache. “I’ve got a flight to catch,” she said with a frown. “Can we just hurry it up?” The man eyed her up and down, taking in the full length of her black suit, the white blouse beneath. He did so in the most creepy way possible, and Chase bit back a scathing retort. The man’s leer suddenly broke into a grin. “Hey, aren’t you that Police Sergeant that told the woman of New York to be bitches?” Chase’s scowl became a sneer. Just my luck, I get the only asshole who remembers that. Her mind flicked back to the day that she had stood atop the podium, then acting as NYPD Sergeant of the 62nd precinct