Frozen Stiff - Chapter 5


Chapter 5

Girdwood, Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska. Chase had never heard of the place before today, but quickly learned that it was a small town about forty miles from Anchorage with a population of roughly the same as an average housing complex in NYC: two thousand people. In fact, during the just over half an hour drive sitting in the backseat of the midnight black Lincoln Town Car—Floyd had insisted that Chase sit in the back, even though she felt uncomfortable with being driven around—Chase learned more than she would watching an hour of Cosmos. The first thing that she learned was that Floyd like to talk. A lot. Part of this, Floyd explained, was that his speech therapist had told him that getting over the psychological block of speaking would help improve his stutter. Chase wasn’t so sure. Floyd Montgomery was twenty-four years old and was the nephew of Girdwood’s Chief of Police. He had worked for his uncle and the local PD doing odd jobs since he was just a k