Devil's Den


Chapter 5

"I've killed them," the female voice said in barely a whisper. "I've killed them all."

This was followed by the sound of falling objects, like a bunch of marbles being dropped onto a metal table.

"Who, Bea? Who have you killed?"

This time, the reply was barely audible.

"All the girls."

Director Hampton reached over and shut off the small tape recorder.

"That sound you heard, kinda like beads being dropped? That was the jewellery, or as you put it, Chase, the souvenirs. Three of them have already been linked to missing girls, one of whom hasn’t been seen in seven years. All three were street workers."

All the girls…

That sentence caused a shiver to travel up and down Chase's spine.

"How old?" she asked, trying to force images of her sister out of her mind.

Hampton gave her a strange look.

"The girls who went missing?"

Chase nodded.

"The three girls who were identified were all between the ages of twenty-four and twenty-eight. Like I said, street workers. One was in the US illegally, as well."

“Where did the jewellery come from?”

“Bea had it in a bag when she was picked up. Twenty-five item